Disability Resources

One of the goals of this blog is to illuminate the issues faced by persons who must address a physical or mental disability. One of the associated projects is the identification of the resources available. It is intended to explore these resources, document and identify them and provide a set of relevant URLs.


Occupational Rehabilitation Facility

A longer term, much larger project, is the investigation of the creation of a social enterprise which operates within the community, generates revenue, and either provides employment for persons with a disability, or offers a setting in which an individual is able to practice an engagement with reality as a means of exploring rehabilitation and re-engagement with the workforce. In the most mature expression of this concept the outcome is a non-profit or co-operative entity, one which is owned and operated by the disabled and which provides an occupational rehabilitation setting. This idea is not fully developed and ultimately may prove impossible to accomplish but it is one of the goals of this undertaking. Some of the issues associated with this project were developed in this post:
Collective Works

Before and After Imagery

Another aspect of this web site is the collection of before and after imagery that demonstrates changes in the local built environment. This post (insert URL here) describes the idea. If you have imagery of an earlier Ottawa you would care to share please contact via the contact form.