Landscape Vision

Up at 0800.

Appear to have finally returned to a normal sleep schedule – fingers crossed.

Have had behind the ear discomfort since waking. Just after waking had strange early stage headache in new position at back of head on right side. No further occurrence of thumb joint pain.

I am trying very hard to cultivate and extend my new sense of “landscape vision.” I see Dr D on Friday and want to discuss this with her but my sense is that up until recently I have been operating within a very narrow cognitive sphere. I am not sure how to frame this in words but it became apparent when filing the pleadings associated with the Tribunal Administratif du Québec (TAQ).

The insurance company letter arrived February 24th. I commenced a response on February 26th. This was difficult to do as I had to dredge up forgotten memories, review old documents. I kept attacking the work but was unable to make it gel. I think I wanted to avoid it and all of the bad associations dealing with insurance.

Then I saw Dr X on April 17th and she provided the informal advice given to car crash victims: regardless of injury (or lack of it), the potential casualty should report to the nearest hospital, declare the MVA, and also declare a period of unconsciousness regardless if this was true or not. The entire intent of this manoeuvre is to frustrate insurance company denial of benefits.

This advice kept popping into mind but had no concrete impact until I was walking in to see Dr H on the morning of April 21st. It was on this walk that I came to the awareness that the insurer had an obligation to advise me of this potential denial of benefit as soon as they were aware of it having application to my immediate case. They failed to provide any such awareness or knowledge. Not having this information had great impact on my decision making and resulted in my making decisions detrimental to my own health.