Evidence Based Recovery

Yesterday, I collected and interpreted data to arrive at a better understanding of real world events. Today I realize I need to utilize exactly the same data centric processes to precisely evaluate my own day-to-day experience and to drive evidence based decision making. Perhaps I should rephrase that – call this an attempt at evidence based recovery. The associated tasks are as follows:

  • Item 1 – An area that clearly needs to be brought under control is my sleep regimen. Since the injury, I have attempted to achieve this but with little success.
  • Item 2 – I need to return to document preparation mode. I am reluctant to do this as it represents a huge amount of effort and I am not sure that it results in any substantive benefit. It does provide me with a task focus, and assists in ordering my day. It is a worthwhile pursuit for these reasons. Actions I need to take are as follows:
    • Item 3 Complete an overview of my Work Experiment, my experience working for W, my problems with coding. Basically a review of all of my attempts at rehabilitation and preparation for work-force re-entry, or self-employment. Completed November 17th
    • Item 4A detailed translation of Dr X’s statement as submitted to the Collège des Médecins du Québec. Completed October 30th
    • Item 5 – A line by line analysis and rebuttal of his statement, including exhibits which demonstrate his miss-representation of the factual record.
    • Item 6 – Submission of the above analysis to the Collège des Médecins du Québec and whatever authority is responsible for the conduct of the Collège des Médecins du Québec. Item 7 – Also submit as a TAQ exhibit.
    • Item 8 – Completion of my record of clinical interaction with Drs H, D, T and N. Submission of this as a TAQ exhibit.
  • Item 9 – Review of the application of kaizen to recovery from mTBI. I have considerable experience in the application of these techniques within BVO, and later within the Lavalin document production group. On yesterday’s walk, I realized they likely have application in my recovery process.

In trying to clean up my documents, I found letters of complaint written in 2013. There was limited, or no response, to these communications.

My father spent the duration of the war in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. He outlived the war, but he did not survive this experience. He had many colleagues who did not live to experience victory and freedom. And of those who did survive the camp, many died while under treatment during the long voyage home to Canada. My father expressed his belief that they had been holding body and mind together for one final breath of freedom. Once it was experienced, they succumbed to the toll exacted by four years of poor nutrition and the wasting away of their bodies. They were fragile stick figures on the day of liberation.

I do not believe my father underwent this hardship to assist in the creation of a nation in which an entire election is made to center on the religious observance of two individuals and the abrogation of their right to their personal beliefs. The current election is clearly a Conservative one – an election is no time to discuss important issues.

An enormous number of people accepted a lifetime of suffering to safeguard our present rights and freedoms. I have this belief that I should do more than vote. There exist hundreds, if not thousands of persons who have been pushed to the margins of society by virtue of an injury that no one wants to acknowledge. I do not think that is acceptable. I need to do more. This is Item 10. Completed October 13th.