Migrating Concerna

Have been migrating Concerna pages from my local development host to the remote server. This activity has been hugely stressful. Trying to understand why.

First, the opportunity for error is significant. This is not an operation I frequently perform. Second, the process involves a remote server. So, if I screw things up, my ability to recover from any error is restricted, requires more effort, a different suite of tools, greater complexity.

Normally you construct the framework for a site and then add content via regular posts (such as this one). The result is a gradual accretion of content. My present process involves the creation of a significant amount of content that is hosted on my local development machine. All these local web pages need to be relocated to the correct positions on the remote server. There is no easy way to accomplish this.

Once the raw content has been relocated, I also need to migrate all of the associated images. Each image must then be reinserted into the content at the correct position. Once that is complete, I need to sift through all of the pages and locate each URL. These were written in relation to local site and all now need to be modified to reflect the changed source path and target locations found on the remote server.

To avoid error, each step is performed very carefully. In addition, I pre-planned and compiled directions and guidance for each step. I follow through by logging all action and recording each step as it is completed. This is then followed by a test sequence to ensure everything operates as it should.

It is now 0830 PM and I have to stop. I have a headache coming on. I know I am no longer sharp and am therefore more likely to introduce error.

This results in a sense of frustration. The work that I am doing is not that difficult. Before the injury I would do this form of programming as a recreational pursuit during the long night shifts at Gargantua. And I did not experience problems such as I now experience. No errors. No headaches. No frustration.

Other News

N sent me a link to the blog of another individual recovering from TBI. I attempted to make contact today and gave her the URL to facticity. Her site is very difficult for me to read due to the small x-height of the serif font face she employs. We’ll see if she gets in touch.