Positive Events

Two very positive events this morning.

First, N from the Brain Injury Support Group sent me an email which has had very positive effect as she describes experiencing a similar range of cognitive deficits. So I am not alone.

Second, in searching for a specific header image I found the one above which serves as an antidote to another day of grey overcast.

I have been working on a project intended to assist persons with brain injury. After mulling over N’s communication, I think there may be significant value in a web site which permits mTBI victims to exchange their experience of the injury and share strategies that may work.

One of the big issues with brain injury is the sudden realization that you are now experiencing your world in a very different way, a mode incompatible with your past “normal” function. In essence the individual becomes alienated from his/herself. There is also a tendency toward social retreat as the victim senses they are “off” and attempts to hide this fact from others.

A web forum would permit anonymous exchange of experience, speed the learning / adaptation process, may assist in gathering data on modalities of injury, and provide for shared strategies to overcome deficits.

Since I am still embroiled in another development project, I hesitate to jump into a second. But I do think this may be a very viable idea.