Missed Deadline

There is no way I am going to meet my self imposed deadline of having something on-line by tonight. I made a major error and this has set everything back.

Yesterday, while working on the project, I somehow managed to trigger a computer shutdown. By the time I realized what had happened the monitor was showing the last screen before everything goes dark. I hit the cancel button and the machine came back on-line but all the active programs were already closed.

I do not believe I lost any data. The editors that I use are set up to make automatic saves every few minutes and I had suspended editing a few minutes before the shutdown error. What I did loose was an entire panel of notes. See the following image for an explanation.


By my count there are 52 open files showing in the editor. All of these disappeared when the machine commenced its shutdown sequence. These files constitute my record of all that I do. Almost every action that I take is entered in one of these files. There is a file for my financial data and bank interactions. One that serves as a grocery list. A task list, Another that functions as an accident log. Several others hold information in regard to my blog. And most of the remaining files concern the current project.

It sounds very strange to admit this, but I compensate for erratic memory by maintaining this extensive record of detailed notes. To give you an idea of the need for this information, I just checked my password log file and it has over 3,120 lines in it. I’m not sure how many passwords that comes to but I have a lot of passwords for a lot of different accounts. And since security is easily compromised by the use of easy to guess passwords I make sure my passwords are impossible to guess. Even by me. Plus every account gets its own password. Mind boggling.

Once all this data went down I was faced with a blank and empty editor. I had to sift through the entire data structure to locate all the files that had been open and in use. Doing this took most of the day. It is now late, I have an incipient headache and I missed my self imposed deadline.