Train of Thought

The prior post was completed in the early morning hours of March 31st. This post is being drafted late on the night of March 31st and will show a post date of April 1st. Yesterday’s post represented a train of thought that began several weeks ago when I first attempted to understand my resistance and difficulty with writing the TAQ Summary. Yesterday’s train of thought became so long I had to uncouple from the caboose. This post represents the end of the train.

Arm Pain

The pain is still present but appears to be moderating. One consequence of the arm pain is that it has thrown my day / night schedule out of whack. The pain makes it difficult to sleep. The result is that I have been going to bed later, and later, to the point I have now completely reversed the normal circadian rhythm.

This reversal is due to advice from my doctors that I not spend awake time in bed in an attempt to sleep but that I leave the bedroom and devote myself to an alternate activity until I feel sleepy. The pain inhibits any sense of sleepiness and the result is: 1) I go to bed later, and later, until day and night are completely reversed; or 2) I stay awake until I am so exhausted that I cannot help but fall asleep, pain or no pain.

I dislike taking medication. When I finally break down and take something for the pain, the desire for make-up sleep is so strong that I will almost immediately go to sleep. Normally I find it difficult to sleep during the day with the singular exception of fatigue. Even without medication, if the pain appears to go into temporary remission, I will immediately take refuge in needed sleep.

The medicine purchased yesterday was not acetylsalicylic acid (trade name Aspirin) but Paramcetamol or acetaminophen (trade name Tylenol). I wanted to replace the empty bottle of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) but purchased the wrong item. I also have Ibuprofen on hand.

Benefits from Posting

Today I have been able to complete a great deal of work on the submission. The work required to create yesterday’s post pulled a number of different threads together and allowed me to integrate them and understand them. In this respect the blog functions as a form of self-directed Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

This post is derived from snippets I have been saving through the course of the day. There is one chunk of text I cannot find. This observation was the entire reason for making this post.

I also feel fatigue and a headache. This is actually a positive event as it is now 0113 and I stand a good chance of getting to bed and to sleep.