Train of Thought

The prior post was completed in the early morning hours of March 31st. This post is being drafted late on the night of March 31st and will show a post date of April 1st. Yesterday’s post represented a train of thought that began several weeks ago when I first attempted to understand my resistance and difficulty with writing the TAQ Summary. Yesterday’s train of thought became so long I had to uncouple from the caboose. This post represents the end of the train.
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Five Year Anniversary

Up 0830
Difficulty sleeping last night. Realized it was the five year anniversary of injury. Minds eye kept cycling through events from the night of the accident. Also reflected further on last week’s meeting with Dr D. Now believe that her introduction of the “random universe” was an attempt to bring me to a state of equanimity over the injury outcomes. During the meeting, I responded with some knowledge in regard to the Existentialists, notably Camus. It has taken me more than four days to understand the probable intent of her remarks. Call me slow and addled.
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