I have just completed editing the prior post. And I find I am discontented with the imagery.

The header image shows some Ottawa construction scaffolding. It is a perfect introduction to the post: there are multiple elements, the sense is slightly claustrophobic, it is not entirely clear what is going on in the image, the subject appears mirrored or distorted. All of these things reflect aspects of my experience, lived aspects of an injury the Doctors only encounter in textbook descriptions.
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I am building a scaffold, a framework with which I may interact. As I engage in this effort I encounter various constraints. Some of these constraints are scaffolding, aspects of the structure of the blog: developing a business strategy, defining a content strategy, identifying a nascent market, performing a calculation of the resources required versus the potential revenue (have not yet begun to address the last two items and have only just touched on items two and three). And some of these constraints are internal to me and concern the discovery of my personal limits or the limits imposed upon me by the dynamics of the injury.
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Re Cycling

One of the reasons that small business is the greatest generator of new jobs is that small business is most responsive to the business cycle. The Gargantua Computer Corp was like a massive battleship; it took years for it to change course. Even faced with a recognized problem there was no way for it to effect an immediate change. Everything had to be planned two years or more in advance (looking back I can now see early evidence of the decision to terminate our work group, a variety of clues that I overlooked, or misinterpreted, at the time).
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