October 2016 End of Month Review

October 2016 End of Month Review

This post demonstrates the value of the blog, and of the End of Month Review. Drafting this post forced a review of Accident Log entries from the past 30 days, and similar data from the Walk Record. It is clear I am encountering a great deal of difficulty. These difficulties will be described within the regular section heads.

October 2016 End of Month Review – Walking

Walked 105.69 miles in October for a 2016 cumulative total of 1,813.11 miles. I sensed a drop in miles walked but did not realize the decline was so great. Fifteen October days were skip days. I took no walks on these days.

October 2016 End of Month Review – TAQ Process

The majority of the October Accident Log entries concern work on TAQ legal issues. One TAQ submission was made on October 5th, with a short one page follow up submission made on October 24th. The legal work is very difficult. I am out of my depth.

October 2016 End of Month Review – Sleep Problems

The Accident Log documents extensive sleep problems. Sleep at a normal hour results in waking without prompting at 0200 to 0300 (this post is being drafted at 0330). Work commences on waking, but I will require a fatigue nap after four hours. I sleep at daybreak (0700 to 0800), wake four or five hours later (noon to 1300), with a second sleep period starting around 1700 to 1800.

I first engaged in this cycle when drafting the first SAAQ appeal submission in November 2012 to January 2013. During this earlier period, I had to fight to complete the appeal before the deadline. I had to push myself extraordinarily hard and only just barely completed the work on time  (I cheated a bit. I transmitted the first part of the appeal in order to meet the deadline. The balance of the appeal was submitted one or two weeks later). During this period I worked around the clock on a seven days a week basis. Toward the end of this 2012-2013 period, I experienced fatigue headaches within 30 minutes of waking.

In October 2016 I have resumed a very similar sleep wake cycle.

Middle of the night waking occurs in association with high body temperatures. My body system supercharges itself, delivers high temperatures, and this promotes wakefulness. I am not sure what I can do to moderate this effect; it appears to be a consequence of the endocrine system (may not be correct system. But it does appear to be an aspect of bodily function outside of volitional control).

October 2016 End of Month Review – General Observations

I have almost completed the review and filing of the 30 pounds of materials received on September 30th. This review contributes to my present difficulty. It results in the forced confrontation of the fact this is year five of the injury, and year four of my abortive attempt to convince the insurer of the fact of an injury. I believe the insurer is engaged in a wilful attempt at not knowing.

We have had the first early snow and recurrent nights of below zero temperatures. All the plants are now indoors with the exception of the wild caraway which continues to set seeds out on the balcony.

Daily temperatures show a high of 10 degrees centigrade. I have returned to wearing long pants. Summer wear needs to be sorted and stored.

October 2016 End of Month Review – ALS / CTE

Dr. H has made a referral to obtain a confirming diagnosis. I continue to experience extreme burping events. There has been no recurrence of chest tightness, or air hunger, or sudden limb weakness. I am being careful when eating to avoid inducing a choke event.

October 2016 End of Month Review – Garden Therapy

The plants are now inside. I planted cilantro on October 5th and this sprouted around the tenth. The young plants are very spindly. I doubt my el cheapo grow light system delivers enough illumination for satisfactory growth. I have one basil plant and that too appears to be experiencing difficulty due to insufficient light. The oregano, thyme, chives, rosemary, mint, and marjoram, all appear to be surviving. The windowsill parsley is having difficulty; the parsley under lights appears to be doing better.

My general plan is to eliminate the heat and light loving annuals and focus on the hardy perennials.

October 2016 End of Month Review – House Clean Up

Very little has been accomplished. No progress has been made on the bag rack. All progress on TAQ file clean-up has focused on the 30 pounds of files received at the start of the month. I have about 6 inches of material still to file.

October 2016 End of Month Review – Planning

I am concerned over my present state of mind and have become very pessimistic in regard to the outcome. This results in a loss of the will to fight.

  • Discuss these issues with Dr. H on November 7th.
  • Focus effort on low cognitive demand activities.


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