Labour Costs and Pain Posts

Pain Posts

In pursuit of increasing the utility of the blog, this post is being used to catalog all of the prior posts referring to upper arm pain. I want to access each relevant post and use the text as an element in a TAQ submission. The pain posts that I have been able to locate are the following:

December 2nd 2013 post
December 4th 2013 post
August 6th 2014 post
February 16th 2015 post
May 18th 2015 post
August 15th 2015 post
October 28th 2015 post
October 30th 2015 post

I am attempting to create a chronological record of pain events and document these events in a TAQ submission. What is disconcerting to me is the degree to which I have forgotten the number of these pain events. I once again need to give thanks to Dr. H for having suggested undertaking this blog as a therapeutic endeavour. It continues to keep proving its worth in unexpected ways.

Labour Costs

In the search for this, that, and the other, I located this graphic which was prepared as an element in another TAQ submission.


Figure 1 – Projected Programmer Labour Costing

Earlier this year, I attempted a programming project in response to discussions with a volunteer group. The work was extremely difficult, and time consuming. It took almost 4 months for me to complete work a competent programmer would be able to complete in a week. I am no longer as quick and capable as I was when younger, but pre-injury I could have completed this work in around 14 days.

The graphic illustrates the labour cost component at different levels of programmer productivity. It quickly becomes evident that even if I charge minimum wage for my labour, the time I would need to spend results in costs to the client almost double that of a more productive worker. Clearly I will not be earning a living coding anytime soon.