October End of Month Review

The header image represents how I feel – hanging on. Realized I should undertake an October End of Month Review to track what has been accomplished and identify performance gaps. This should deliver a better understanding of areas of weakness and of strength. The post which sets out my original goals is titled Evidence Based Recovery.

Completed Tasks

The only completed item on this list is Item 10. I will make this the subject of a future post.

Item 1 – Sleep Study

This was deemed a priority area and considerable time and effort was devoted to the investigation of various aspects of the problem as demonstrated in the following posts;

Post No. 1 October 12 –  Sleep and Recovery

Post No. 2 October 16 –  Sleep Experiment

Post No. 3 October 17  Prehistoric Sleep

Post No. 4 October 17  Sleep and Diet

Post No. 5 October 18  A Personal History of Sleep

Post No. 6 October 19  Sleep Evidence

Post No. 7 October 20  Sleep Observations

Post No. 8 October 20  How Things Are Now Done

Post No. 1 October 21  Sleep Parameters

Post No. 9 October 21  Sleep Imagery

Post No. 10 October 23  Sleep and Kaizen

Post No. 11 October 25  Sleep Science

The data collection process has become completely scrambled by the pain experience (There as been no recurrence. Fingers crossed.) and the effort required to focus on Item 5. At present Item 5 is being given full priority to ensure its completion while the forest trails are still open and available to me.

Item 3 – Work Experiment Overview

In process with about 1,000 words of draft text. I need to check this as I believe I have sections of this document scattered through a number of different files

Item 4 – Detailed 2nd Translation Dr X Statement

Completed. I became angry and stayed up all night and got it done. There were a significant number of errors in the original translation. I’m crossing my fingers over the current work.

Item 5 – Analysis of Dr X Statement

In process. My hunch is that much of the sleep work was an attempt to avoid writing this document. I am finding it very difficult. There are two reasons. First it is tedious, detailed, legalistic, and based on medical science. It is hard to write for these reasons. Second. it forces me to confront the degree of neglect I have experienced at the hands of the medical profession in Québec. This provokes a very unpleasant set of realizations. At the moment I have the walks and the forest to counterbalance the tailspin triggers. I must complete this document before the woods fill up with snow.

Item 8 – Clinical Interaction Record Drs. H, D, T, and N

In process. Also very tedious.

New Item 11 – Walking

This is my strong suit. I just have yet to figure out how to make a living at it. The thousand mile mark was reached on October 26th. The end of month total for October 2015 is 138.86 miles. The accumulated yearly total is 1029.48 miles. The walk schedule has recently been interrupted by days of rain. On my last visit with Dr. H she expressed concern over how to maintain the present level of exercise over the winter months. I have the same concern.

New Item – 12 TBI Inventory

I have captured data and added it to the extant spreadsheet. It needs to be prepared in a form for submission as an element of Item 5.

New Item 13 – Document Process

Another supplementary document to be submitted with Item 5.