Debt to Doctor D

Saw Dr D today. It is always a great pleasure to see her. Every meeting seems to spark a new insight.

First, I managed to goof up again. On arrival at Dr D’s office, I placed the walk tracker on pause, turned off GPS tracking, and changed the phone from sound mode to vibrate mode. When I departed Dr D’s office, I was careful to place the walk tracker back in record mode. But I forgot to resume GPS tracking. As a result of the GPS not being enabled, the app had no means to determine location. None of the return trip was recorded.

What I find interesting is my new acceptance of my own foibles. When I discovered my error, I didn’t get upset. There were no self recriminations, or antagonisms, directed toward my incompetent performance. I simply accepted my performance failure as being par for the course, as part and parcel of how I roll now. This acceptance is a big change from a pre-injury lifetime in which I constantly strove to deliver maximum performance, to set high standards for my performance, and worked diligently to meet this self-imposed standard. It remains to be seen if this new level of acceptance continues in the future, or if it is a one off, this day only, event.

Another key data point was addressed by my thoughts on the walk in. I am not a lawyer. All that I know of the law is derived from watching the Perry Mason show as a kid. On August 10th I am scheduled to appear at a Tribunal hearing in Montreal. I am conscious of the fact that I do not truly know what I am doing. My basic approach is to rely on my prior philosophical / logical training. While there is a close relationship between the constructs of philosophical logic, and the conduct of the law, these two knowledge domains are not absolutely equal identities.

In examining my case, and its presentation, I have searched for the vulnerabilities, the false logic and inaccurate assumptions that generate openings to be exploited by the other party to the dispute. My sense is I may have located a potential vulnerability and may also have identified a way to mitigate that potential vulnerability.

Dr D help spark both of these outcomes. So I am ever deeper in her debt. She also suggested that I need to take a vacation from all of this insurance claim focused activity. I could not agree more and am looking forward to August 11th. Win or lose, I hope to put this entire unpleasant experience behind me.