Brick Wall

I have been forcing myself to devote time to preparation of a summary document. The intent of this document is to tie together all of the other exhibits that have already been submitted, provide some form of logical coherence to my case.

This sounds a reasonable idea, but it has not worked. I have hit a brick wall.
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Random Discovery

In response to the injury, I maintain a constant lookout for research which may have a bearing on my experience. As I expressed to Dr H at our recent meeting, the fact that medical science is up in the air with respect to the diagnosis and treatment of mTBI means that there exist no true “experts.” This implies I am operating in a field of knowledge in which I am as much an “expert” as any other interested party, perhaps more so as I have actual experience of the injury as opposed to the “experience at a remove” associated with scientific inquiry.
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Impeccable Timing

Today, I woke at noon after being up until 0400. There were sufficient TAQ project breadcrumbs to quickly reactivate, and get stuck into, adding more text to the draft TAQ summary. I was deeply absorbed in this work until the onset of fatigue. An incipient left side headache reared up and declared itself right at the four hour mark. Say what you want, the “fatigue clock” maintains impeccable timing. The work was abandoned when I went for a forced nap.
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