Blog Therapy

I recognize the prior post as an excellent example of Blog Therapy. When I encounter psychological difficulty, I write a blog post. The blog is my Linus blanket.

I use the blog as a way to understand my changed world. It allows me to explore events, to explain them, anchor them, and place them within a cognitive framework that encompasses all the injury after effects. The blog is less a narrative and more a set of minor diagnostic routines applied each time my world bends out of shape, or when I fail to conform.
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Missing Garlic Found

In a prior post, I described missing garlic. I misplaced some cloves of garlic and was unable to find them after a massive search. The missing garlic surfaced yesterday inside the specially ventilated (lots of big holes) blue ceramic pot designed expressly for the storage of garlic. In the header image, the white garlic is from China. The purplish garlic is the missing Québec garlic.
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