Sense of Taste

I have a single large, almost bottomless, ceramic mug that is used for drinking coffee, primarily decaf.

When working for Gargantua on the overnight shift, I would brew a fresh pot of coffee on arrival at work and drink almost all of it before midnight. Each night I consumed a minimum of four large cups of strong coffee without experiencing any form of adverse effect. After the accident, I found that ingesting any amount of caffeine triggered large skin blisters at various locations on my body. The primary wound site was on my left forearm.
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Something Strange

Cold coming on. Sneezing.

Something strange going on with my left leg. First noticed it a day or so ago when it felt weak and I near collapsed when putting weight on it. I noted it, and it went away as these things tend to do. This morning, as I was walking home, I had the same sensation, perhaps slightly stronger, also in the left leg.
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