First Prospect Pitch

Tonight I sent out my first communication in regards to Facticity. My first pitch to a prospective  —  I am not sure what term to use here. They would not be a client. Or a sponsor. I am not even sure they would qualify as a participant. I have no rules, or guidelines, for any of these entities; no definitions have been formulated.

The pitch document presents an overview of the concept and showcases the site imagery which I hope will be a significant audience draw. Fingers crossed! The document went together well. I felt a strong sense of accomplishment in completing it. This task helped pull me out of the funk which has been dogging me for the past several weeks.

But I now suspect that I may have over extended myself by inviting a potential relationship which I have failed to sufficiently define. My motivation is to provide support to an endangered form of business, to help develop local loyalties, and local attachments. I believe such attachments would combat the predations of the Internet giants, the corporate Gargantuas and Pantagruels, those with a long reach and the deep pockets which permit them to under price local establishments and drive them from business.

—     —    —

I wrote the above and then departed the house to see Dr T. On my way to her office the word for which I was searching popped into mind: Prospects. After departing Dr T’s, I spent a few hours in a walkabout; I think I may have identified a few more prospects.

While on the walk I had some thoughts in regard to this blog project. I didn’t write them down. On returning home I had this vague sense of something I wanted to remember but I was unable to identify what it was I sought to remember. I could not even remember the topic. I just had this awareness of something lost, forgotten. I was not even sure that this sense of loss had a referrent.

Then, tonight, in the process of revising this draft, the thoughts flooded back and I quickly jotted them down. This appears to be another positive aspect of the blog project as a form of rehabilitation. The activity stimulates my thought processes and presents me with continual challenges. When I last saw Dr H we talked briefly about the strange and unsettling spark of literary creativity I appear to have encountered. Dr H is of the opinion that what is happening is that I am retraining my neurons to make new connections, or my activity is having the result of re-establishing old ones. In effect, I am engaged in re-programming my own mind.

That is an odd thought. And it has brought on a headache. So I will stop at this point.


As best I can determine the pitch was never sent. I can find no record of the outbound email. This is probably a good thing as I am not sure I would have been able to follow through on any commitment.

I did send a different pitch to a different prospect. As of September 20th they have not replied and I doubt they will respond. This too is likely the best outcome for the moment.