November End of Month Review

This is an updated holding post for the November Review. I had a lot of problems and became completely backed up. There was a submission deadline to meet on December 4th and meeting this deadline required the materials be in the mail by December 3rd. All my time was devoted to completing the submission.


The December 4th deadline was met (barely). I have now had the opportunity to complete this November End of Month Review. It is perhaps more accurate to state that I have come to realize the value of this record and I wish to increase its utility and value.

Since the injury, I have found myself oriented to the immediate present, with a reduced sense of time and a gravely deficient sense of planning. Writing the has blog assisted in the recovery and development of my writing skills (which are better now than they were prior to the accident). I am attempting to achieve a similar outcome with this initiative.

All project numbers remain constant. This permits a developing awareness of ongoing projects and completed assignments.

Item 1 – Sleep Study
Further formal work is on hold while I prioritize completing submissions to TAQ. I continue to note a pattern of sleep disruption that appears to be connected in some way to problems of self thermo-regulation. When I retire at night I continue to feel cold even though the ambient temperature is acceptable and I have sufficient warm covers to feel toasty. Then I wake spontaneously at 0300 and find myself to be hot and have thrown off the majority of the bedclothes. I have great difficulty in returning to sleep. Discussed the problem with Dr. H. I will not return to this item until my legal submissions are complete.

Item 2 – Document Preparation
Rather than add each document as a unique item, I have gathered all legal submissions under this heading.

Item 2.1   Dr. X claims with no objective substantiation.
Item 2.2   Dr. X signs and symptoms
Item 2.3   Chronic pain submission. Need date data.
Item 2.4   Red flags and clinical guidelines from ON Neurotrama
Item 2.5   Dr. X initial defamation review
Item 2.6   Dr. X lack of objective fact
Item 2.7   Dr. X submission re items in dispute
Item 2.8   Dr. D letter submission
Item 2.9   Dr. H letter submission
Item 2.10   Case overview submission
Item 2.11   Letter to lawyer to recover medical documents transmitted to him but not forwarded to SAAQ  Completed December 11th.
Item 2.12   Hearing Loss submission. Need to schedule follow up testing. Re-test scheduled for Jan 11th, 2016 at 1400 hrs

Item 8 – Record of Clinical Interactions
Dr D interaction submitted as appendix to another exhibit. Dr. H interaction is a mess and it will take time to sort through the documents on file and place them in order.

Item 9 – Kaizen Review
This is in draft format. Is not a priority at this time.

Item 10 – Letter to S. Harper
Completed and transmitted to him and other major leaders on October 11th. 2015.

Item 11 – Walk Therapy
Current completed mileage 1,242.89 miles as of December 8th 2015

If the first three months of the year are dropped from consideration this distance accrued over an eight month, eight day period and equals a distance of more than 5 miles per day for each and every day in the period. The actual distance per day varied considerably. On some days there were no walks. Other days had extended trip mileage. One such day is recorded below;

Long walk

Item 12 – TBI Inventory
In draft.

Item 13 – Document Process
Completed. Provided me with useful personal insight into my working methods. Presently uncertain of its value as a TAQ submission.

New Items

New Item 14 – Concussion Group Forum
Initiated in October but ran into coding problems. Have since addressed those issues and am making a limited distribution to validate Participant guidelines and verify user value. This activity is not a priority.

New Item 15 – Document Organization
Have started, or more accurately, have been forced into creating order out of the mountain of documents that cover almost every flat surface. Core need is to locate and catalog all submissions made to date, confirm that the evidence matches the argument, conduct a gap analysis, and perform research as required. Target date Dec 30th.

This has been a difficult and time consuming post. I am hoping that this upfront effort may result in a future payoff in the form of reduced duplication of effort and better time utillization with priority tasks being forced to remain in focus.


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