December End of Month Review

This is the updated holding post for the December Review. I really dislike these posts. They encompass a lot of elements and are difficult to complete. At the same time, I find them to be of considerable value. The delay in completing this post is due to a number of factors among them the fact that it is difficult to write a review post without taking the time required to actually perform a comprehensive review.


Item 1 – Sleep Study – On Hold
My tinnitus has increased in volume and this makes sleep difficult.

Item 2 – Document Preparation
Item 2.1 Dr. X claims with no objective substantiation.
Item 2.2 Dr. X signs and symptoms
Item 2.3 Chronic pain submission. Need date data.
Item 2.4 Red flags and clinical guidelines from ON Neurotrama
This will be folded into Item 2.2 above.
Item 2.5 Dr. X initial defamation review
Item 2.6 Dr. X lack of objective fact
Item 2.7 Dr. X submission re items in dispute
Item 2.8 Dr. D letter submission – January 29th
Item 2.9 Dr. H letter submission – In process
Item 2.10 Case overview submission
Item 2.11 Letter to lawyer to recover medical documents transmitted to him but not forwarded to SAAQ Completed December 11th.
Item 2.12 Hearing Loss submission. Need to schedule follow up testing. Re-test scheduled for Jan 11th, 2016 at 1400 hrs
I have not included in this listing a number of documents which have already been submitted.

Item 3 – Work Experiment Overview – Completed November 17th

Item 4 – Translation of Dr X Statement – Completed October 30th
Found two errors. Need to update translation. Completed December 15th.

Item 5 – Dr X Line by Line Analysis
Have considerable notes prepared for this document.

Item 6 – Collège des Médecins du Québec Submission – On Hold

Item 7 – Missing. Item number appears never to have been assigned

Item 8 – Record of Clinical Interactions
Collecting data for Dr. H record.

Item 9 – Kaizen Review – On Hold

Item 10 – Letter to S. Harper – Completed

Item 11 – Walk Therapy
Completed mileage for the year 2015: 1367.94 miles or 5.69975 miles per day, each day, every day. Presently working to overcome temperature and snow obstacles. This investigation to be the subject of another post. Completed January 4th. See this post.

Item 12 – TBI Inventory
This is a checklist with 118 items. I found it in the fall of 2012, shortly after starting to see Dr. H. Dr. H had diagnosed me with mTBI, I had no idea what this meant, and wasn’t sure I believed the diagnosis. When I searched the web for more information, the search led me to this TBI Inventory document which, after I completed it, demonstrated that my experience did match the salient characteristics of mTBI injury.

In 2015 I located other instruments which serve a similar purpose. These 2015 instruments appear to be better designed, with a higher degree of validity. The European Brain Injury Questionnaire (EBIQ) is one such instrument. I am now uncertain of the value of the TBI Inventory as a TAQ exhibit.

I propose to write a blog post that examines the various instruments and compares them. Once this comparison is complete, I should have sufficient decision relevant information to determine how to proceed with respect to a TAQ submission of the TBI Inventory.

Item 13 – Document Process – Completed
Review potential value as a TAQ submission.

Item 14 – Concussion Group Forum
Sense that I am going to encounter problems similar to those met when undertaking the trans-Canada community newsletter in early 2013. I select tasks that reward dedication and effort and then I apply 200% effort to obtain an outcome. As an example, I may spend a week writing a blog post. I will do whatever it takes to get the work done regardless of the time commitment required.

I then encounter problems when I deal with aspects of the project that require a “real time” response and do not allow for my required time over-investment. This created enormous problems with the community newsletter and I sense onset of the same problem with this project.

Item 15 – Document Organization
Have prepared a file system and started using it. Have developed a strategy for gaining control of the documents, and have purchased the required materials. I should write this up as a blog post. Completed January 5th. See this post.

New Items

There have been new items, all of them TAQ submissions. Not sure how to handle these additions. Items which have been completed and sent are Ok. My concern is with those problematic items that will, or are, falling by the wayside.


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