Paint Project


Awake 0100. House is chill. External temp 0° C.
Went to sleep around 1830. Spent the day in the attempt to extend the wake cycle but this did not have positive effect.

Yesterday evening I had a huge headache because I was tying to push through, remain awake, and get myself back into a normal sleep/wake schedule. The first four hours after waking are a precious time as they deliver the highest level of function. The second half of the day is spent in a sort of grey zone. Not as capable as the four hours after waking, but not yet accursed with fatigue and headache. The sense of being groggy, and not fully competent, serves to impede function through the rest of the day.


Awake. Was able to get back to sleep after the first interval. My memory of this is that it was important not to contemplate “issues” of any kind when drifting off to sleep.

Paint Project – Sleep Experiment Data

I sensed the onset of deliberative activity last night and carefully steered my pre-sleep state toward the contemplation of imagery. The imagery lacked any associated deliberative context (I summoned recent blog imagery to mind). This seemed to work. In writing this passage, I remember my “Sleep Experiment” set of posts from over one year ago. This investigation arrived at a similar conclusion. The optimum image to promote sleep was found to be this one.

Paint Project – Task List

I now enjoy the prospect of four hours of “high function.” This needs to be carefully rationed out. Creating this blog post has consumed over 45 minutes in crafting the original text notes. Three hours and 15 minutes remains available. My task list is the following:

5) File clean-up
8) Prep bag board                                      DONE
10) Clean mess near balcony door           DONE
11) Remove balcony plants                       DONE
12) Remove balcony chair                        DONE
13) Remove white planter                         DONE
16) Prep shoes for St Vincent de Paul (SVdP)
17) Drill hanger holes bag board
18) Prep bag board for painting

5) File clean-up
14) Hike to Dr H with Cheque
15) Do some laundry ??
16) Prep shoes for SVdP
17) Drill hanger holes bag board
18) Prep bag board for painting
19) Drop off shoes SVdP

Paint Project – Complexity

The most complex task, the one with the greatest potential for error, is task number 17. Put a single hole wrong and the entire project is ruined. Each measurement is critical to project success.

Paint Project – Timetable

The hours from 0700 to 1000 will be dedicated to task 17 and 18.  The time from 1000 to 1100 will be a meal break. 1200 to 1300 will be departure preparation and task 16. 1300 to 1700 will be devoted to completion of tasks 14 and 19. I should return home between 1700 and 1800. I will be tired and will exhibit low cognitive function, dropping things, making errors and messes. This suggests a quick dinner of reheated leftovers, or maybe a noodle soup. I should finish eating and be ready for bed by 2100.

That is the plan.