May End of Month Review

Another month ticks by with a sudden clank of the time clock. This is the May End of Month Review. There is a huge amount of information that I wish to cover. The recent heat wave has created problems as I refuse to heat stress my ancient computer hardware by exposing it to operating temps well above 30 degrees C. This means my computer use is restricted to a narrow band of time just past 4 a.m. And much of this cooler time must be dedicated to creating TAQ submissions, not blog posts.

May End of Month Review – Walking

This was a month of major accomplishment. A 252 mile accomplishment to be exact. There were some difficulties at the start of the month but these appear to have been resolved. Much of the distance increase has been due to increased functional walking – the need to see a bank financial counsellor, visit this, or that, store to compare product prices and availability, a couple of visits to the offices of Dr. X, a long tedious hike to renew my drivers license and provincial health card.

The other big driver of high walk mileage has been the high temperatures. The house turns into a convection oven. It becomes too hot to work at the computer, too hot to sleep, too hot to do anything but exit for the cool of the forest.

I have altered the structure of the walks and this appears to be of benefit. During the day I undertake functional walks as required. Then, when the evening cools off, I will walk the five mile loop. By allowing for two periods of exertion, I appear able to add miles without incurring the forced one day recovery period required in the recent past. Or perhaps I have achieved a better overall level of conditioning.

There has been a recurrence of shin splints with the new shoes. I rotate through three pair of shoes. Two give no problem. The third appears to generate problems which sideline me for a day or two.

May End of Month Review – TAQ Process

The work on TAQ submissions has been impeded by the stifling heat. I am reduced in the amount of time I can spend on the computer and just being in house during the heat wave makes for an uncomfortable day. I do have a package of submissions I hope to get off within the next few days. I have an outline for the appendix on issues of misfeasance and have commenced to draft the rebuttal of material found at pages 302 to 305. I hope to merge the supporting cross reference index with the rebuttal.

I think I have just confused myself. My goal is to complete the following Appendices:

  • Appendix 1 – Issues of misfeasance
  • Appendix 2 – Index of exhibits grouped by sign and symptom
  • Appendix 3 – Rebuttal of pages 302 to 305

One of the items to be submitted within the week is a letter seeking to obtain some guidance on the timing of the next hearing. This is critical information.

I have also just recently realized that I filed a complaint over one individual when in fact it was the actions of Dr X that created the circumstance which gave rise to the complaint. I am in the process of filing a further complaint based on this recent discovery.

One very positive thing has been the sense that I have almost completed all the work that I need to submit. As long as the weather permits, I hope to make my final TAQ submission this month. Fingers crossed!!

May End of Month Review – Homework

Dr. H assigned me some homework. This has delivered major benefits.

The basic requirement is to undertake daily activity in each of four categories. I am having some problems implementing this but overall this homework has proved very useful. Further information will be found in a future post.

May End of Month Review – Garden Therapy

I have started a new category topic describing my experience of creating a herb garden and the therapeutic benefits associated with this work. There are more posts in the pipeline describing this facet of recovery. This initiative more or less started with the discovery of some discarded growing pots deep in the untraveled area of the local forest. This post has the details.

May End of Month Review – Sleep Problems

These are ongoing and the current heat wave is not helping. I did achieve a a major insight into the problem but have yet to discuss this with my doctors.

This is being written at 2340 as I have been unable to sleep. Dr H’s advice is to get out of bed, do something boring until the urge for sleep reasserts itself, then make another attempt. Feel bad referring to blog activity as boring. But after three plus years and 400 plus posts, working on the blog is like putting on a pair of comfortable old shoes.

May End of Month Review – Headache

The new headache location has been observed on several occasions. I am unsure of precisely what is happening. The headache appears to be triggered by an extended period of activity other than the cognitive activity associated with TAQ submissions. In other words, I appear to experience one mode of headache associated with the cognitive effort of reading comprehension and writing, and a second mode of headache associated with a series of physical task sequences. I do not think it is related to hydration as I am making sure to drink water while walking and rehydrate with 2 to 3 pounds of water on return home.

May End of Month Review – House Clean-Up

Progressing but in a retrograde sort of way. I am developing a better awareness of the problems and how I create further difficulties for myself. Clean-up is impeded by the heat wave and by the need to give priority to the final round of TAQ submissions.

May End of Month Review – Other Issues

A post from April 27th contains an accident log entry which speaks to addressing the “big picture.” I have made some major advances in this area and these will be the subject of future posts.

I suspect poverty has a role to play in the recovery effort. I have a post in draft on this topic. I also suspect the entire TAQ process may have had negative impact on my recovery / rehabilitation effort. This too will be the subject of a future post.



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