A Form of Superstition


I am afraid to even mention the pain. It is a form of superstition, the belief that to think about the pain will bring about a recall. I do not want to go there. At the same time, I want to document the experience.

In January, I went to see Dr N. He thought there might be some relationship to something that shows up on the C1 C2 vertebrae. Another more detailed MRI scan was performed and that came back negative. There were a few severe jolts yesterday but today the pain has slithered back to whatever dungeon it emerges from.
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Evidence Based Recovery

Yesterday, I collected and interpreted data to arrive at a better understanding of real world events. Today I realize I need to utilize exactly the same data centric processes to precisely evaluate my own day-to-day experience and to drive evidence based decision making. Perhaps I should rephrase that – call this an attempt at evidence based recovery. The associated tasks are as follows:
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Severe Pain

For the past two weeks or more, I have experienced a very severe pain in my left arm and shoulder area. It was first noted the weekend of January 17th when I reached into a kitchen cabinet and experienced a thousand volt electrical shock. This was felt a number of times and each time the affected area was in my left arm and upper shoulder area.
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