July End of Month Review

July End of Month Review

This is being posted on August 8th. I have completely lost track of the time. All of my hours have been spent in making TAQ submissions, trying to keep up my walk schedule, and dealing with the heat.

July End of Month Review – Walking

Completed 255.34 miles in July for a 2016 yearly total of 1,218.98 miles.

July End of Month Review – TAQ Process

This is where all of my time has gone. Have been working diligently in the attempt to complete all the submissions. Examination of the evidence has thrown an unexpected wrench into matters.

July End of Month Review – Homework

No homework apart from TAQ work.

July End of Month Review – Garden Therapy

July End of Month Review – Sleep Problems

Lots of problems with heat. Do not sleep well, unable to sleep in the heat. Try and work at night when it is cooler but then face the fact that when it cools I experience a big demand for sleep. So there exists a conflict between my need for sleep, for cool wx for sleep and for working.

July End of Month Review – House Clean Up

Nothing really got done.

July End of Month Review – Other Issues

Just trying to complete the TAQ process


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