Snow Removal, Paper Boy

As I was growing up, I worked a number of odd jobs in the neighbourhood. One of these was snow removal. I enjoyed working at night when all sound was stilled by the freshly fallen, soft snow blanket. When pushing large quantities of snow I needed to exercise caution. I was of a height that put the handle of the shovel at the level of my groin. If the shovel blade caught on the lip of a paving stone, or some other obstruction, my exertions would drive the end of the shovel hard into my groin. This was extremely painful. I learned to be wary of this hazard.
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Goal Setting 2

Performance Review

I did not meet my targeted goals for the last week. I have just returned from the post office after mailing two outreach letters. But only one of those was directly targeted toward the proposal. So I count these two mailings as 1.5 outreach events.

I also sent out two emails but only one of those directly focused on the TBI Proposal. These two communications are therefore also being counted as 1.5 outreach events.
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Blood Vials

Up before alarm at 0600. Out of the house by 0727, arrived hospital 0745, and processed at 0800, 15 minutes before my scheduled time of 0815. The clinic extracted a huge amount of blood. At the last blood test (almost two years ago) there were just two sample vials. Today there was a double line of blood vials, standing as erect as a company of British redcoats on parade.
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