Up at 0930 and again tackled the proposal. In the past few days I have had a great deal of difficulty with this project and have accomplished little or nothing. Truly the only thing I have going for me is my incredibly stubborn persistence, the fact that I am unwilling to give up, unwilling to surrender to my injured state, unwilling to exclude the possibility of recovery.
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Giving Up

Woke with a shock some time before 0600. It is now 0648. Unable to return to sleep. Unable to recover the dream state apart from the fact that it had something to do with “giving up.”

I suspect I am still dealing with the after-effects of the realization that my change in photographic practice has less to do with any improvement in my cognitive abilities and more to do with a relaxation of my prior standards.
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Illusion of Progress

Woke to the realization that my “progress,” as evidenced by my photographic futzing around, is a mirage, nothing more than the illusion of progress.

My prior photographic process was rigid and constrained. It had to be. I was using small format cameras and targeting the output to physical media, typically 11×17″ paper stock. Or I was targeting print publications in a CMYK colour space at 300 dpi. I have been able to abandon my prior standard process as I am now targeting digital media with 72 dpi 1000×288 pixel images in an sRGB colour space. This is a much lower standard of image quality.
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