December End of Month Review

This is the updated holding post for the December Review. I really dislike these posts. They encompass a lot of elements and are difficult to complete. At the same time, I find them to be of considerable value. The delay in completing this post is due to a number of factors among them the fact that it is difficult to write a review post without taking the time required to actually perform a comprehensive review.

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Best Christmas Ever

This is a picture of Colin in the plaza at the new Lansdowne Park. It was taken on December 25th and was part of my best Christmas ever.

On Christmas eve I worked until 0400 on legal submissions. I didn’t really want to do the work but I was in a groove and, when I think myself productive, I attempt to maximize output. Woke around noon on the 25th and found an email from Colin saying he was in Ottawa at the Lord Elgin. Woo hoo!!
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Present for Meiling

DEAR MEILING_23-12-2015 10-31-33 PM



Colin has told me the great news and I am overjoyed and want to give you a big hug and a very warm welcome to our family. Colin has asked that I send him a selfie. I believe he wants to send this selfie image to you so that you may see your new relatives.

Unfortunately, I do not have a selfie. But I do have something even better and I wanted to present it as a humble gift and token of greeting to you.
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