October End of Month Review

The header image represents how I feel – hanging on. Realized I should undertake an October End of Month Review to track what has been accomplished and identify performance gaps. This should deliver a better understanding of areas of weakness and of strength. The post which sets out my original goals is titled Evidence Based Recovery.
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A Form of Superstition


I am afraid to even mention the pain. It is a form of superstition, the belief that to think about the pain will bring about a recall. I do not want to go there. At the same time, I want to document the experience.

In January, I went to see Dr N. He thought there might be some relationship to something that shows up on the C1 C2 vertebrae. Another more detailed MRI scan was performed and that came back negative. There were a few severe jolts yesterday but today the pain has slithered back to whatever dungeon it emerges from.
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