I Guessed

On this iteration of the Brain Health test, I guessed, or attempted to trust my intuition. The results text informs me that “my overall performance is within expectations for your age and education”.

I found the test very hard to do.
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Dr D said something today about my having done a lot of work in the form of my own rehabilitation. I have been working very hard on trying to understand my deficits, and in finding ways of addressing them. But all of this effort took place within the context of an ongoing insurance claim. This was a vision of rehabilitation within the context of a measure of financial security provided by the insurance claim.
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Gargantua is a company that learns from its mistakes. When it fired the one hundred person US support group, it almost immediately faced the embarrassment of trying to rehire them. The foreign replacement workforce was not up to snuff. Gargantua scrambled to fix this problem by recalling the freshly terminated workers. Further embarrassment came when half of the fired workers refused the offer to return. When it was time for Gargantua to get rid of us, the company wanted to avoid making the same mistake twice in row.
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