September End of Month Review

September End of Month Review

This has been a very up and down month. A key positive factor is that events which would previously have triggered a major depressive event did not have this effect. Either I am better able to manage depressive triggers, or there has been some degree of stabilization in brain neurotransmitters that have resulted in this positive outcome. Walking an average of 9 miles a day likely helped.

September End of Month Review – Walking

Completed 254.06 miles in September for a 2016 cumulative total of 1,707.42 miles. If I achieve last quarter mileage identical to that of the same period in 2015 then I should reach a 2016 total of 2,185.42 miles. If I continue to put in 250 mile months then I anticipate total yearly mileage of 2,457.

My reaction to the possibility of ALS/CTE resulted in the mileage in excess of 10 miles per day in the first half of the month. This likely contributed to a positive response to this news. Only six days were missed. The major future constraint will be the weather. As long is there is no ice on the ground I believe I can maintain my current pace.

September End of Month Review – TAQ Process

On September 21st, I took the train to Montréal to attend a TAQ hearing on my motions. This event has been documented in this post and reviewed in a subsequent post.

On September 30th I collected from the post office a 30 pound box of insurance company files delivered in response to one of my motions. I need to spend the weekend in review of this material and follow up with further briefs as appropriate.

I continue to experience difficulty due to the continued general disorganization consequent on the window replacement.

September End of Month Review – General Observations

My attempt at clean up continues. A set of “shoe-box files” have been created and I am presently sorting papers into the appropriate storage container. There is a strong impulse to bog down in a detailed inventory of specific records. I am fighting this impulse. Once all associated records are collected in one container, I will then determine the priority for further action.

The weather is getting colder. I am devoting time to preparing to move plants indoors as well as disposing of the fading annuals. I am also preparing winter wear and getting ready to box and store my summer shorts.

September End of Month Review – ALS / CTE

During my last meeting with Dr. D, we discussed the response to this possibility. We agreed that it was best not to go all OCD on this and I have deliberately refrained from writing compulsive notes on each twitch and vibration.

Earlier this week I had another choking event when eating soup. This caused a great deal of concern as I have been paying close attention specifically to avoid such events. Today, on the return from the post office, I stopped to rest on a park bench and drank from my water bottle. I suffered a coughing event when I aspirated the water. On the last trip to the Superstore, I noted that I was burping heavily on the return portion of the walk. It was more than two hours since I had eaten or had anything to drink. The only possible reason for the burps is that I am somehow swallowing air when I swallow saliva.

September End of Month Review – Garden Therapy

Still waiting for the post that was promised in the August EOM review. Have rough notes for the post. Have not found the time to complete them and post to the blog.

September End of Month Review – Sleep Problems

Continue to wake early. Last night I woke hungry at 0300. Came downstairs and made pasta Went back to sleep around 0530 and then slept in. There was a period this month that I did not want to wake up and slept in until noon. This was associated with a reaction to the events of September 21st. I should examine this further in a future blog post.

September End of Month Review – House Clean Up

Is continuing and I am making process. Stacked piles of documents are slowly being placed in order.

September End of Month Review – Other Issues

  • I have located the documents to be forwarded. These are to be sent on Monday.
  • My other priorities concern Dr X and completing a review of the insurance agency file received today.


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