A New Dad

The young fellow above is about to become a new Dad. And I suspect that means that I will soon become a Grand Pa.

Shocking to think of it. One the one hand there is a huge fantastic WOW!! Congrats!! All my love to the 3 of you!! form of joyous response. There follows a period of reflection, a working back through memory. A reliving of the past.
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Present for Meiling

DEAR MEILING_23-12-2015 10-31-33 PM



Colin has told me the great news and I am overjoyed and want to give you a big hug and a very warm welcome to our family. Colin has asked that I send him a selfie. I believe he wants to send this selfie image to you so that you may see your new relatives.

Unfortunately, I do not have a selfie. But I do have something even better and I wanted to present it as a humble gift and token of greeting to you.
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