Missing Garlic Found

In a prior post, I described missing garlic. I misplaced some cloves of garlic and was unable to find them after a massive search. The missing garlic surfaced yesterday inside the specially ventilated (lots of big holes) blue ceramic pot designed expressly for the storage of garlic. In the header image, the white garlic is from China. The purplish garlic is the missing Québec garlic.
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Montréal, September 21st

This post consists of notes entered in my blue notebook on September 21st, 2016. I had travelled to Montréal by train to attend a TAQ hearing. In the course of the hearing, my ability to participate completely collapsed. Subsequent to the hearing, I attempted a recovery. During this recovery period I wrote notes on what had occurred in an attempt at understanding.

The original notes remain in a blue Hilroy 80 page spiral bound notebook. The original notes were transcribed into this document:
D:\25_Personal\Accident Mar 06 2011\NOTES ON SEPTEMBER 21 TAQ HEARING 2016-09-25.TXT

The above transcript forms the basis for this post. Names have been redacted. Text enclosed in [square brackets] represents comment not found in the original notes. Spelling has been corrected.
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