No Hope

This post is an attempt to unpack my present experience which is best characterized as one of “No Hope.” I meet with Dr. H later today and I want to ask her for help. My difficulty is that I lack a satisfactory problem definition. What does “No Hope” actually mean? What am I attempting to communicate with that phrase?
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Numeric Therapy

I have attempted to duplicate the positive aspects of this blog by what I call “Numeric Therapy.” In the Spring of 2013, Dr. H advised me to return to blogging for therapeutic benefit. I had a dormant development site I used on an intermittent basis as a beta site, a location to test code, and a way to remain current on developments in HTML, js, css, and php.

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Montréal, September 21st

This post consists of notes entered in my blue notebook on September 21st, 2016. I had travelled to Montréal by train to attend a TAQ hearing. In the course of the hearing, my ability to participate completely collapsed. Subsequent to the hearing, I attempted a recovery. During this recovery period I wrote notes on what had occurred in an attempt at understanding.

The original notes remain in a blue Hilroy 80 page spiral bound notebook. The original notes were transcribed into this document:
D:\25_Personal\Accident Mar 06 2011\NOTES ON SEPTEMBER 21 TAQ HEARING 2016-09-25.TXT

The above transcript forms the basis for this post. Names have been redacted. Text enclosed in [square brackets] represents comment not found in the original notes. Spelling has been corrected.
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