Snow, Ice, and Freezing Rain

Up at 0300 and unable to return to sleep. Today, I face a 20 mile hike to attend a Concussion Research Group meeting. The distance is not a problem. I have attended three or four of these meetings to date. The problem derives from the fact the weather is expected to deteriorate. The days of spring warmth and sunshine have come to an end. In their place the forecast is for snow, ice, and freezing rain.
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Stopped on a Tightrope


Unable to sleep. Somewhat surprised at this as I developed fatigue headache due to the resumption of the TAQ submission process. Went to bed relatively early and have been lying awake with this uncomfortable sense of being stopped on a tightrope suspended high above some chasm. This is not a dream state. It is my perception of my world as I lie in the dark attempting to summon sleep.
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