Fasciculation Events

Dear Doctor H:

I apologize for being unable to deliver this letter during at our meeting yesterday, August 17th, 2016. I tried to complete it but was not able to do so in time.

In a review of recent Accident Log entries, I find I have documented multiple fasciculation events. These are as follows (all spelling as found in the original source text).
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May End of Month Review

Another month ticks by with a sudden clank of the time clock. This is the May End of Month Review. There is a huge amount of information that I wish to cover. The recent heat wave has created problems as I refuse to heat stress my ancient computer hardware by exposing it to operating temps well above 30 degrees C. This means my computer use is restricted to a narrow band of time just past 4 a.m. And much of this cooler time must be dedicated to creating TAQ submissions, not blog posts.
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Snow, Ice, and Freezing Rain

Up at 0300 and unable to return to sleep. Today, I face a 20 mile hike to attend a Concussion Research Group meeting. The distance is not a problem. I have attended three or four of these meetings to date. The problem derives from the fact the weather is expected to deteriorate. The days of spring warmth and sunshine have come to an end. In their place the forecast is for snow, ice, and freezing rain.
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